eCommerce and IMAP Information

eCommerce and IMAP Information

Amerock® is committed to continued investments in consumer driven technologies and innovation, as well as creating an exceptional Amerock® experience across all channels. As we continue to build the Amerock® brand, we must ensure that our brand image and its presentation to our end-consumer reflects the consistently high quality and value both you and your customers have come to expect.  In order to ensure an exceptional experience, Amerock® firmly believes that it is in both our and our customers’ best interests to conduct business with authorized partners that present our products in alignment with our brand image and adhere to our distribution and IMAP selling policies.


IMAP Policy

Current IMAP Pricelist

Distributor Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

No. This policy does not, and is not intended to, dictate or impact your authority to unilaterally determine your sales prices in any way.

  • The right to sell Amerock® products online
  • Permission to use Amerock® logos and other digital assets
  • The right to promote the fact that you are an Amerock® Authorized Ecommerce Seller

All active Amerock® products are subject to the IMAP policy including individual SKUs, pre-packaged multipacks and custom created multipacks by authorized Ecommerce sellers. A custom created multipack is defined as a multi-piece package offered for sale in a quantity not available for direct purchase as a unique Amerock® SKU.

A custom created multipack is defined as a multi-piece package offered for sale in a quantity not available for direct purchase as a unique Amerock® SKU.

Examples of Custom Created Multipacks:
• An authorized Ecommerce seller creates a listing for a 35-pack
• An authorized Ecommerce seller chooses to sell a case pack quantity as a unique item

Custom created multipacks are subject to the IMAP policy, which equates to no more than 20% off the product’s MSRP multiplied by the pack quantity.

No. The Amerock® IMAP policy does not apply to any product that has been designated by Amerock® in writing as a discontinued, planned to be discontinued, clearance or close-out product. You can continue to advertise or promote discontinued product at any advertised price, at your own discretion and without violating the IMAP policy.

Our employees have been instructed not to discuss this policy, and we ask that you do not discuss this policy with your local sales team. Amerock® employees or representatives do not have the authority to modify or alter this policy or to negotiate this policy or any assurance or agreement with respect to it with any Ecommerce seller and/or distributor. Please direct all questions to: [email protected].

No. The IMAP (Internet Minimum Advertised Pricing) policy is in reference to advertised prices of Amerock® products on the Internet.

If an Amerock® Authorized Ecommerce seller and/or distributor believes that a Notice of Violation was sent in error, then within fifteen (15) days from receiving such notice said authorized Ecommerce seller and/or distributor may submit supporting evidence in writing to Amerock® for consideration to [email protected]. If Amerock®, in its sole and absolute judgment, finds such evidence to be supported, it will withdraw the applicable Notice of Violation. This is the sole and exclusive method through which Amerock® will consider any appeal from a Notice of Violation, and Amerock® will not explain its decision, negotiate compliance with the IMAP policy, or engage in any further communication about the decision.

At this time, we have chosen to unilaterally implement the Amerock® IMAP policy with all of our customers to ensure that the Amerock® brand continues to register as a premium brand that reflects consistently high quality, value and style. While we have made the decision to conduct business solely with customers who choose to comply with the Amerock® IMAP policy, we hope that you will see the mutual benefits in adhering to this policy and look forward to your continued business and support.